Castel del Monte D.O.C.

This wine has made the history of Italian rosé. It is obtained mainly from Bombino Nero, traditionally from the rocky hills of the DOC Castel del Monte. After a soft crushing, the grapes stay in the soak for 12-15 hours to take of from skins the right color and aroma that will give the characteristics and uniqueness that make this wine so famous. Dry, light and fruity, it is a classic table wine to be served well chilled.


Vintage 2015

Gambero Rosso (2016)

2 Glasses

Vintage 2014

Bibenda (2016)

3 Bunches
bunch bunch bunch

Vintage 2015

Vinous - Ian d'Agata (2016)



Bombino Nero

It is the black grape varieties more typical of the DOC Castel del Monte so that in 2011 it was recognized as a specific DOCG It is particularly suitable for the production of rose wines because it and his late-ripening grapes certain berries are bitter and maintain the high acidity and low alcohol content.