The vineyards

Rivera’s programme of uncompromising quality begins with its expert management of its 75 hectares of estate vineyards, farmed according to the protocols of sustainable viticulture. Planted at high vine densities per hectare, they are trained to the spurred cordon and Guyot systems and to low yields per vine. 

The vineyards are located in sites which cover two different terroirs. Rivera, Torre di Bocca and Coppa parcels at 200-230 metres with  deep tufa-limestone soils  yield fine native-variety grapes, the whites with firm acidities and the reds of impressive elegance and structure. 

The picturesque Lama di Corvo vineyard, overlooking the Adriatic Sea and the Gargano massif, lies in the rocky soils of the Alta Murgia at 350 metres, and produces chardonnay and sauvignon blanc marked by a fine crispness and minerality. The remaining grape needs are met by a few long-trusted local grapegrowers.