61st harvest has begun at Rivera

24th august 2011

On August 24th the first grapes of Chardonnay have been picked at Rivera.
Where follows a brief report on growing season and beginning of the harvest.

In northern Apulia growing season has been particularly slow due to relatively cool weather that lasted till mid June. July temperatures has been average (32-35 °C) with no heat waves, while the first half of August has seen northern winds keeping clear skies and cooler temperatures. The harvest of Chardonnay and Sauvingon grapes has therefore started on August 24, some 10-12 days later than usual with grapes of perfect quality and analytical datas.

We are however just at the beginning as in Castel del Monte area harvest time is very long due to our indigenous late ripening red grape varieties, such as Nero di Troia that is traditionally harvested in the second half of October.

Let's cross fingers till then!