«Rivera is one of the great estates in Italy.
The estate excels with their reds, which are not only gorgeous in absolute terms, but also exceedingly fairly priced. … Rivera makes wines that capture the exuberance that Puglia is capable of, while maintaining a gorgeous sense of structure. Readers who want to discover the wines of Puglia would do well to start with Rivera.»

Antonio Galloni – The Wine Advocate – No. 205 – February 2013


A glance at the map is enough to understand the importance of its history.
A bridge, in the midst of the Mediterranean, between the East and the West. A land trod, over the centuries, by a vast range of peoples and cultures, whose heritage remains there in the testimony of art, language, and popular customs. Here is where the vine arrived, from nearby Greece. And from here spread the culture of wine, to all of Europe. And here, with the harvesting of each cluster, the fruits are gathered in of a many-centuried tradition of quality.

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Great Reviews from Wine Advocate #218  - Apr 2015
Reviews by Monica Larner
Rivera is one of the most important wineries in Puglia in terms of image and quality. I was able to taste through two vintages of recent releases and was delighted by the two top-shelf wines (the Puer Apuliae and Il Falcone Riserva) from the 2009 vintage. To my palate, these are two of the finest wines ever made by Rivera. Rivera has overwhelmingly mastered the difficult art of making great wine from the finicky Nero di Troia variety. Because of its thin skin, the grape often suffers from mold and downey mildew. But Rivera has gained experience over the years to lessen the impact of these issues.